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Service maintenance of elevators and grain complexes

ADEPT GROUP service specialists provide a full range of services related to the commissioning of the grain complex and subsequent maintenance.

The work is carried out by certified specialists who have undergone special training and accredited equipment manufacturers.

The service department also carries out repair and maintenance of grain dryers of European and American manufacturers; supply and replacement of original spare parts for: separators, grain dryers, scraper (chain) conveyors, bucket elevators, cleaning screws.

We offer a long-term contract for the maintenance of transport equipment and grain dryers. What does a long-term contract give:

  • ensuring uninterrupted operation of equipment – prevention of malfunctions;
  • reducing the cost of repair and operation of transport equipment, grain dryers;
  • minimizing the risks of downtime during the season of the dryer, transport equipment and product cleaning separators. Based on our own experience, we are aware of the issues that arise during the operation of grain drying equipment, transport equipment and others. Most of them arise due to the lack of timely service or due to incorrect actions of the staff.

We offer a technical audit of all elevator equipment, where we enter in the report the detected defects in production lines, transport equipment, grain storage warehouses, etc. We give recommendations on the elimination of defects and the correct technological operation of the equipment.

The ADEPT GROUP service team will ensure the smooth operation of the elevator equipment.

Service contacts:

Dmitry Kaminsky

Service manager

Tel: +38 (097) 98-667-37

Tel: +38 (067) 48-227-48

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