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Screw conveyors

Zuther screw conveyors are used worldwide in a wide variety of industries. By combining our experience with state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to provide screw conveyors of reliable quality.

Screw conveyors are by far the most space-saving conveyors, because they do not require the space that other conveyors need to return the chain or conveyor belt. Zuther screw conveyors have already proven their worth in countless applications. In almost all areas, the experience of many decades has allowed us to make adjustments to the basic design that significantly improve the efficiency of the conveyors and extend their service life.

Screw conveyors by Zuther: Many different applications

Screw conveyors are suitable for many different applications.  Whether used as connecting, discharging, dosing, stuffing or dewatering screw conveyors, our technology ensures reliable operation.

Particularly noteworthy here is the highly effective sealing of the screw tube by the Zuther labyrinth seal. It prevents the material being conveyed from escaping on the screw shaft, which could otherwise lead to contamination and damage to the bearings.

The equipment options include many different drive variations, equipment with an intermediate bearing for longer conveying distances, special bearings for high-temperature environments or extreme gradients, screw blades made of wear-resistant materials for abrasive bulk solids, and much more. Thus every screw conveyor from Zuther is equipped to meet even the most difficult requirements.



  • Compact modular system
  • Dust-tight and odor-tight
  • Specially protected bearings for long service life
  • Easy maintenance for low maintenance costs
  • Can be used even in the most difficult environments
  • With open screw trough can also be used as discharge system
  • Available painted, galvanized or in stainless steel
  • For numerous bulk solids
  • Suitable for many different applications
  • Capacities of up to 250 t/h

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Screw conveyors

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