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Chain scrapers

In the field of bulk solids and flat storage warehouses, the chain scraper conveyor or Skrapper has established itself over the years. The chain scraper from Zuther enables our customers to operate their flat storage warehouses in a very resource-saving and economical way. The main focus is on being able to fill as well as empty the flat storage warehouse with the flexibly adjustable Skrapper conveyor.

Its high level of flexibility is primarily due to the fact that the scraper conveyor can be used at various heights. When combined with a longitudinal movement device, it can reach every point in the flat warehouse. Moreover, the filling and emptying procedures can be automated with the appropriate intelligent control technology.

By evenly distributing the bulk material in the storage boxes, you can also achieve an efficient and optimal ventilation result.

Chain scraper conveyor as part of the overall concept

The chain scraper is only one part of our plant technology for flat storage warehouses. The concept is completed by the mobile Zuther warehouse loading system. The Zuther plant technology for flat storage warehouses has been developed over several years and proves its reliability in many plants.



  • Automatic warehouse filling and unloading
  • Huge economic efficiency
  • Up to 300 t/h conveying capacity
  • Up to 35 m in length
  • Variable height
  • 500 to 1200 mm wide

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Chain scrapers

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