ADEPT GROUP international holding with a 16-year history of implementing complex projects in the agricultural sector. Having its own engineering, design and construction and installation units, the group ensures the implementation of objects of any complexity, from design, supply of technological equipment, to the performance of the Customer’s functions, construction of “turnkey” objects, including route elevators, sea and river terminals, processing industry facilities.

Starting from 2022, ADEPT GROUP, as a regional partner of the ZUTHER company in Ukraine and Moldova, is bringing to the market a line of TM ZAG transport and cleaning equipment, where transport equipment with a capacity of 50 to 800 tons/hour, including belt and scraper conveyors, belt and chain norias, as well as cleaning equipment, separators and calibration machines, with a capacity of up to 180 tons/hour.

ADEPT GROUP will also provide installation, warranty and service services for all equipment.

The ZUTHER company, a German manufacturer of transport and cleaning equipment, together with the ADEPT GROUP holding, decided to create a consortium. The goal of cooperation is the joint implementation of projects in the field of agricultural industry on the markets of Ukraine, Eastern Europe and African countries. Cooperation involves the promotion of equipment under the ZAG brand in the above markets.