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Flat storage system

Flat storage warehouses are a cost-effective alternative to silo systems  and are a favorable solution for grain storage. They can also be used where the load-bearing capacity of the substrate does not permit round silos or the locally applicable building regulations impose limits on the maximum building height. Existing buildings can usually also be converted into flat storage warehouses without great expense.

Zuther plant technology proves itself every day under the most difficult operating conditions. Due to a large number of successful projects, Zuther has a wealth of experience, which makes it possible to base the conveyor technology on the customer’s requirements.

High economic efficiency through automation

Together with our customers, we develop efficient concepts to ensure the economic efficiency of the plant. Our automatic warehouse loading system via a mobile belt conveyor, as well as optional automatic unloading by a chain scraper conveyor, allows you to manage your flat storage in a very resource-saving way.

With conveyor systems from Zuther you equip your plant with state-of-the-art technology. Our fully automated warehouse loading system utilizes not only the entire surface, but also the entire volume of the warehouse. Thus squandering space due to high material cones is a thing of the past. Avoiding cones also allows you to cool the bulk solids in a targeted and efficient manner.

  • Large storage volumes even with difficult floors
  • Individual solutions for a variety of different bulk solids
  • Automated warehouse loading via mobile conveyor system
  • Automated unloading by chain scraper conveyor and discharge conveyor
  • High economic efficiency
  • Low personnel resources required
  • Proven Zuther plant technology for flat storage warehouses
  • Everything from a single source – from planning to commissioning
  • Up to 500 t/h intake capacity at 0.75 t/m³
  • Low maintenance and low wear

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