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Bulk material intake

Our modular construction system allows for high flexibility in bulk solids collection.

The Zuther receiving technology is used in a wide range of industries and offers a reliable way to receive your bulk solids.

The planning and construction of intake pits is one of Zuther’s main business areas. Systems with a capacity of up to 800 t/h have long been the rule and even higher capacities pose no problems. In this regard our receiving pits are designed in such a manner that semi-trailers as well as dump trucks have no problems dumping.

Based on practical and long-time experience, Zuther has completely modified and reworked the entire receiving technology for bulk solids collection. As a result, we can offer our customers a highly efficient design, which sets new standards, especially when it comes to freedom of residues.

We offer our customers a wide range of additional optional equipment, such as dust barriers, automatically operable receiving covers, filler walls, or a modern receiving dedusting unit.

You can rely on our receiving technology even in the tightly scheduled daily business.

  • Up to 800 t/h intake capacity at 0.75 t/m³
  • Modular construction system
  • Modified grates allow freedom from residues
  • Drive-over solution, wheel pressure up to 10t
  • Applicable for many different bulk solids
  • Optionally with dust barriers or admission dedusting unit
  • Discharge conveyor does not require additional depth

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